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Legal Representation

Legal Representation

The Company mostly deals with representing the clients at the courts of arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction.

The Company lawyers tried hard to win at the most important court instances – RF Supreme Court (2014), RF Supreme Court of Arbitration (2004), and Sverdlovsk region Statutory Court (1999).

At the courts we are focused on the protection of business and commercial interests both during the economic disputes and within the disputes connected with the appeal of the illegal actions of public authorities.

As for corporate disputes, we prevented raider grabs of enterprises through the assignment of shares and stakes in companies. Many disputes are related to non-performance of contractual obligations by the contracting parties, and sometimes they are related to the failure to perform a part of the obligations by our clients. In such cases, our lawyers not only help to defend in court, but put in order all the necessary documentation. We protect our clients’ interests in cases of termination of contracts, including disputes on challenging major transactions and transactions in which there is an interest. Processes regarding claims for recovery of damages, requesting a variety of forensic examinations have been successfully carried out.

In case of division of community property, our clients get the highest possible profitable options of division. A significant experience in such cases helps us to successfully assist grantors in disputes regarding inheritance.

We regularly do business regarding challenging decisions of the general meetings of organizations of different organizational and legal forms.

Since 2010 a forensic work on protection of the rights of ownership to immovable property – land plots, apartments, and non-residential facilities has been actively performed. Unique experience has been accumulated in cases of “double sales” of the real estate; the number of cases won in such disputes in the last three years exceeds two dozen.

Our lawyers have represented clients in cases challenging the boundaries of land plots to remove obstacles in using real estate.

As shown by calculations, in 2014, the Company’s lawyers took part in 310 court sessions in the Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Omsk regions, Moscow and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.